Tips trainer

When we decide to buy a dog, most do not think that in addition to feeding and output for a walk, we’re going to have to take care of also laying the pet. Dogs, like people, are different. In addition to features typical for the breed have also these individual. Dog training, or educating the dog, it’s time consuming and long-term activity that requires patience and consistency.
Remember that scream, threaten or beat are not good methods of their application. Often the dog aggression or malice.
Dog most often chooses one of the Guide, which listens to. That’s why you need to take care not to lose the authority eg. by issuing contradictory commands.

Before training the best dog was not full. Then, for the command to run it can be rewarding. Dog are more likely to work, while waiting for the next.
Try to understand dog-he can talk without words, just to learn its language. If it stands by the door and looks at the handle it is known that he wants to go outside. If you go to you and starts barking going back to back, it is known that wants you to followed him. Such simple gestures can save You a lot of nerves on the dog that just wants to save your carpet from flooding.