Proper diet

Producing Karma for dogs and cats the huge importance we correct animal nutrition. Here are some valuable tips and tricks that will be useful in your everyday life with your darlings.

The eating habits of animals, like people, are from the first months of life. Therefore, it is important that, at every stage in the development of Your dog received a full, balanced food. Proper diet is the Foundation of good health and well-being of the animals.
In the diet of each dog is essential:
 protein (which is responsible for the construction of the body and cell regeneration)
 carbohydrates (energy source)
 fats (affect the appearance of the skin and coat)
 fillers (help
in digestion and bowel)

Dogs are animals or carnivorous, which means that their basic food is meat, and products of animal origin.
Delicacy are internal organs such as the liver, heart, kidneys, spleen.

In products we use ARES latest knowledge of animal nutrition. This knowledge in a specialized process ensures that dietary components are optimally balanced.

The average daily energy requirements of the dog depends on its weight
the weight of the the amount of calories
1 kg 98 kcal
10 kg 551 kcal
20 kg 927 kcal
30 kg 1256 kcal
40 kg 1559 kcal
50 kg 1848 kcal
60 kg 2113 kcal
*) data developed by veterinarians Agnes and Christopher Gerlak, clinic for Animals “Bernard” in Lodz
Your dog was happy and healthy

 do not feed him table scraps

 do not disturb while eating to
does not become nervous or aggressive

 treats reglamentuj as candy for

 Remember to always pet had
access to fresh water in a clean Bowl