The picnic set AMBASSADOR



The picnic set AMBASSADOR

A revolutionary product on the market. Complete new-a complete meal for your dog in one set. Irreplaceable travel with pet and pro-ecological-full of natural ingredients produced without the addition of water. Ambassador sausage Super Premium, full of energy muesli with vegetables and edible, delicious and healthy, to the completely biodegradable Bowl! A set of easy to use and transport, to prepare literally in three easy steps.

Ambassador Sausage
The first real, produced from meat and eggs sausage for dogs. Free from preservatives, colouring agents and flavours. Enriched with natural vitamins and minerals with carrots, parsley, seed and pumpkin. Produced without the addition of cereals and water, sterilized at low temperature.

A healthy and satisfying addition to the dog’s diet. Mixture of cereals and corn with dried vegetables, like carrots, or celery.

An innovative product, 100% natural and safe. The bowl is made only with bran, without the use of any chemicals that could penetrate into the food. The technology of the production process of the bowl is based solely on high temperature and pressure. The bowl is completely biodegradable, breaks down on average within 30 days. A great alternative for non organic plastic vessels and impractical, easily percolating atmospheric paper. The bowl is as natural and rich in fiber product-it is very tasty and can be consumed by dogs along with the rest of the meal.

The set is sold in a special box with handle, foiled.
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