Bad nutrition principles

Do not overfed dogs
Feeding pets table scraps, chips, hamburgers and feeding them too much food can cause diabetes, hypertension, skin diseases and many other ailments. Overfeeding the dog can be just as fatal as malnutrition.
In case of emergency obesity, experts advise the following principles: dispensed with delicacies from our table, divide the daily ration of food for two, four meals, weigh your dog every day or once a week, provide the dog a lot of traffic, keep an eye on access to trash cans.
Chocolate – particularly dangerous
Not all four-footed friends know that chocolate is for their pets extremely toxic. All because theobromine – alkaloid present in the cacao seeds and acting as caffeine.
It is harmless to humans and cats, but affects the central nervous system and the heart muscle dogs. Symptoms of poisoning are hyperactivity, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath and increased urination.
Veterinarians, odnotowujący every year hundreds of cases of poisoning chocolate, warned not to give her dogs and to guard against them chocolate decorations with Christmas trees and gift-boxes of chocolates.


Restricting cats milk
Although cats drink milk willingly, but it remains indifferent to them. Most ends watery diarrhea. Milk used in mammals to approx. Eighteen weeks. After this time, they disappear digesting enzymes sugars contained in milk which causes gastric problems.