Applies to a canine psychologist

What it will grow?

Each dog owner would like to have a pleasant, obedient pet, for which he could proudly say it was his four-legged friend. But how can this be done?

Massage good for dog

Relaxing massage is a useful tool in the work of the cowardly dogs, nadpobudliwymi, with all sorts of touch of aversion. It is also a useful tool for dogs that did not show any abnormal behavior as a means of relaxation of the dog.

Dog howls when home alone
There may be several reasons for this behavior:
-tendency to behavior related to separation anxiety syndrome,
-changes in lifestyle such as. a person who lives with a dog was in the House and changed the schema of the day
-change the health status of
-reduced amount of traffic and physical challenges potęgująca frustration of the dog
-change your diet

When in the House are two dogs
Dogs should be treated equally (the same feelings, the same rules and boundaries). If we do not favour any of the dogs, none of them will feel “rejected”.

Dog aggressive

Sometimes a good faith nazego insulate pet from other animals, then we cannot understand why seeing out the second dog, our quadruped behaves aggressively. Over time, as a result of the accomplishment of psychophysical maturity, circle “close friends” of the dog may be przesadnemu you narrow down.

This is When:

-free movement of the contact with other dogs was limited-then you may receive the anxiety, and the dog takes the behavior of repellents
-begin to prevail territorial behavior
and the desire to dominate
-dog and owner are not the end of the
the competent
What to do:
-based on the common daily walks (with other dogs)
-free play with other dogs
-In addition, you can go with the dog on group classes to dog school