About ARES

ARES company was established on 1 June 1999 as a small family business. The owners are brothers Michael and Maciej Maciołek. Using the knowledge and experience of veterinarians, including the Chief Veterinary Officer, prof. dr. Henry Maciołek, created the company, which over time has become one of the leading manufacturers in the field of animal nutrition in Poland. The company specializes in the production of sterilized, rich meat sausages and bars for cats and dogs, the main brand of super premium segment – AMBASADOR.
The technological process is based on the processing of only the highest quality products without the addition of any preservatives, coloring or flavoring. The market success of the company ARES is based largely on the development of the copyright system in low temperature sterilization together and invest in a very modern machine park. This allowed not only to give a quality product at a competitive price, but also distinguish the taste and rich nutritional value of products fully meet the nutritional needs of pets
ARES company is present on the Polish market and many European countries, with strong own brands in economic terms, premium and super premium, as well as products for retail chains and supermarkets. Currently, it manufactures and delivers to customers an average of several hundred tons of food per month. We also manufacture food in cans, pasta and cereal for the animals.